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There are no limits to the creative uses of PolyVision Ceramicsteel in architectural applications. Building interiors and exteriors are subjected to vandalism, graffiti, stains, fire and weathering. Public transportation areas are prone to vandalism, graffiti, pollutants, bacteria, dirt and grease. PolyVision Ceramicsteel Panel systems offer a durable, uniform, colorfast, and weatherproof surface that resists all these forces, is easy to maintain, and adds beauty that will last a lifetime... we guarantee it. Our Ceramicsteel combines the strength of steel with the benefits of non-porous, colorfast porcelain. The superior surface design is ideal for all types of installations, on new and pre-existing construction. Ceramicsteel is used on interior and exterior walls, ceilings, columns and cubicles. Applications include offices, health care facilities, schools, factories, food processing plants, airports, metros and transportation tunnels. Everything from clean rooms at Lucent Technologies in Georgia, to cladding panels at the Disney All-Star Resorts in Florida, to interior wall panels at the San Francisco International Airport. PolyVision offers a full range of colors, textures, graphics and patterns. Choose from standard colors, earth tone, bright tone or custom finishes.

PolyVision Ceramicsteel offers beautiful solutions to today's difficult architectural problems...